Picket Railing

A picket railing system is a very simple way to make your porch or deck in short time. It can be assembled in many different styles and combinations. Without more painting, waterproofing, or maintenance, it can also offer a lifetime of service while maintaining a lifetime of beauty. You are busy in your work so you can’t have enough time to maintain every aspect of your home. A picket rail system is the primary choice for your house.

There are many kinds of picket railing: 2-line picket, 3-line picket, 4-line picket, stair railings and parapet rails. And there are three styles: standard picket railing, wide picket railing and double top picket railing.

The standard rail picket is 5/8” square. You can replace any or all the pickets with a large variety of styles.

Picket Railing Styles

- Wide Slate Picket Rail: often chosen to achieve the look of the wood 1 ½” picket.
- Belly Picket Rail: this has a bow in the pickets slight to extreme.
- Twisted Picket Rail: full twist or partial in the pickets.
- Scroll Picket Rail: adds a bit of flair to your pickets at a low cost.
  The component picket rail system is easy to handle, because it is in “knock-down” form. It allows for greater flexibility when installing because of being cut to a variety of different angles right at the job site. And you can mix colors.